Bank Levy

Bank Levy

In the event of a bank levy, your bank account is frozen. All checks you’ve written will bounce. If you try to withdraw funds or pay bills, you will not be able to do so.

Generally, you have 21 days after receiving a Notice of Levy from your financial institution to respond to the IRS. You will then have your accounts drained and the money will be sent to the IRS.

It may be possible to get the levy revoked if you act immediately.

By working together, we can compile the information the IRS needs to release the levy. In addition, we’ll negotiate the most advantageous payment arrangement based on your legal rights and your financial situation.

To arrange your FREE consultation, please call (866) 459-8026 or click below. We will gather important information and create a plan of action that meets your needs.

man facing a bank levy in New York
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